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Why the name "Is it?"

I had first planned to call my blog "Bad English" because many of my observations are about various aspects of language. But then I thought this would be perceived as if I were judgemental on other people's usage of a language which is foreign to myself, as I am not a native speaker of English, but use it merely as a lingua franca to communicate with others.

And besides, I won't limit myself to observations on English or other languages. I'm just doing like bloggers do: write about stuff that interest myself, and that I want to share with others. It may be tourism, ethics, photography, anything, with the only limiting factor: It's some interesting topic, at least for myself.

And besides being an acronym for "It's some interesting topic", the blog name "is it" is also related to my inaugural posting of today 27 October 2008, "“South Africa has many robots.” — “Is it?” — “Ja!”"

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