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Friday, 23 April 2010

An English language timeline of my volcanic adventure

From Sunday 11.4.2010 to Thursday 22.4.2010, I used my Twitter account @kajarno to send

  • 26 Swedish tweets

  • 41 German tweets

  • 69 English tweets

(not counting direct replies) of which a clear majority (but not all) were of a volcanic nature.

Most Swedish readers can follow German and English too, and most German readers also follow English. Hence the large number of English tweets and the larger number of German tweets.

Here's a subset of the English tweets. The dates and times are local (California 9 h different from Munich; Chicago 7 h different).

Thursday 15.4.2010

  • 13:12 Kaj Arnö wonders whether LH459 will leave at all MUC-SFO tonight 21:00, and if so, which route #iceland #volcao #ash

  • 20:18 Damn, flight was cancelled. #lh #iceland #volcano SFO-MUC LH459

  • 21:06 Even though it isn't a #Lufthansa owned #volcano they provided me with a free hotel. Danke! :) #Island

Friday 16.4.2010

  • 07:56 John Cleese took the taxi from Oslo to Brussels. I doubt taxi is an option from San Francisco to Munich. Stranded in Oslo, Cleese takes taxi to Brussels

  • 14:56 Whoever put the soap in the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, don't add it to Katla #ashtag - http://is.gd/bw7fz great funny 2min video

Saturday 17.4.2010

  • 7:34 If many MySQLers meet, disruption happens. 2008: Sun buys MySQL. 2009: ORCL buys Sun. 2010: Eyjafjall erupts #ashtag #mysqlconf (via JWiss)

  • 10:51 Kaj Arnö wonders if a competent lawyer could send a cease and desist letter to @Eyjafjall #ashtag

  • 11:15 Under Icelandic influence, Europe has turned to the most xenophobic continent of them all #ashtag @Eyjafjall

  • 15:42 No LH459 SFO-MUC tonight either. Later meeting with fellow stranded MySQLers for dinner in Redwood Shores. #ashtag #mysqlconf

Sunday 18.4.2010

  • 10:48 Sorry Twitter followers and FB friends for erupting so many msgs but being stuck on the wrong continent is no fun #ashtag #getmehome

  • 11:38 Kaj Arnö just extended his involuntary stay at Sofitel until Wed, like his fellow LH passengers (good hotel, wrong continent) #ashtag #getmehome #SFO

  • 11:41 Kaj Arnö sees that today's LH459 is cancelled, too -- tomorrow (for which I was rescheduled) is still on schedule, though #getmehome #ashtag #SFO

  • 13:25 Lava all, nerve all? RT @Eyjafjalla: To my 1125 followers: I lava you all! #ashtag

  • 14:40 Progress rpt: Now @Lufthansa_DE follows me and @Eyjafjalla laughs at my jokes. If only I could connect the two. #ashtag #getmehome

Monday 19.4.2010

  • 00:42 Sun's travel agency found me a flight Monday morning 9:40-15:45 SFO-ORD (=Chicago) +16:40-07:40+1 ORD-MAD. If it flies. I'll try Madrid!

  • 00:44 Issues: Little time in Chicago. And perhaps ORD-MAD will be cancelled. But worth a try!

  • 06:25 *If* I get home to Europe over Madrid, here are my trains: 16-18:38 M-Barcelona 19:38-5:45 B-Geneve 6:14-8:56 G-Zürich 9:16-13:28 Z-München

  • 17:33 Boarded! Madrid, here we come! And there I will stay, my wife predicted. Trains and buses told to be full until Monday. #ashtag #getmehome

  • 17:57 Iberia Airbus A340/600 is moving, due East! Bueno, señorita stewardess, I'll turn off the phone. To be continued. #ashtag

Tuesday 20.4.201

  • 08:18 Kaj Arnö greets Europe and thinks about his fellow European #mysqlconf attendees still captured in the US #ashtag

  • 12:32 There's an ocean of difference between waiting in Madrid and waiting in the US. #relief #ashtag

  • 12:53 Done: SFO-ORD 2956 km. Done: ORD-MAD 6763 km. Todo: MAD-MUC 1481 km. That's a mere 13% or < 1/7 #ashtag http://is.gd/bAuXU

  • 19:24 Kaj Arnö is on his 8th day of handluggage only business travel and still finds a spare pair of unused socks #happy #frugal #greedy #ashtag

Wednesday 21.4.2010

  • 08:27 Kaj Arnö will make an attempt at the MAD airport to go to MUC #ashtag 8:55-11:20 IB3534 http://bit.ly/b9Wv4a

  • 09:22 Sign of air travel normalisation: frustration over MAD "security" process temporarily won over joy of returning home #ashtag

  • 09:37 A jetful of passengers are still queuing for boarding. Hope or desperation? 8:55 IB3534 Madrid-München #ashtag

  • 11:43 Landed in Munich! Although I am now a released Eyjafjalla hostage, most #mysqlconf Europeans still aren't. #hashtag

Thursday 22.4.2010

  • 08:46 Fun science! RT @stewartsmith: Best giggle for today: #boobquake - also, a world of awesome.

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