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Wednesday, 6 May 2009

On Princes and Databases, and Retroblogging

Through a recommendation by Peter Vesterbacka on Facebook, I popped into the interesting blog of WILLIAM JULIUS OGEDENGBE, a NIGERIAN PRINCE who is skilled at blogging in ALL CAPS.

His posts, today NINE in total, are hilarious. They prompted me to retroblog something semi-Nigerian I wrote in January 2004, after a long working day for MySQL AB in Japan. You'll find it on my /kajsql/ blog.

Retroblog, I hear you ask. What's that? By  “retroblog” I mean a blog entry that is backdated to the date when it was actually written, albeit at that time not intended as a blog entry. So while in a sense this is a milder genre of creative historical revisionism, the only blatant lie is the backdating of the blog entry. The text itself isn't backdated. (Stalin would still likely be proud of me, had I ever been a Soviet citizen).

Modification before hitting "Publish": Googling on "retroblogging" gave me 159 000 hits, so there is clearly prior art when it comes to defining the concept. What a shame. Still, "backdated blog without backdating text" is the only relevant part of my private little definition, anyway.

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  1. Björn Andersson22 July 2009 at 18:39

    I clicked the link http://blogs.arno.fi/kajsql/2004/01/14/nigerian-japanese-request-for-assistance/, but received a page saying "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."