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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Rasmus Snabb and the new logos

Ask experts for help! That was my seventh New Year Resolution, as described in February. And now I've done it. In this instance, "experts" refers to the graphic designer Rasmus Snabb (from my native Finland but now active at Danmarks Designskole in Denmark). The help was about a logotype for my house Furuvik in Finland, for invitations, flags and signs (described closer in a Swedish language blog entry).

The difference is huge. This is what I could come up with, "all by myself":

And this is Rasmus's creation:

It's fairly easy to distinguish the amateur work from that of the professional.

Consequently, Rasmus got an additional assignment. I had created another home made logotype for kaj.arno.fi. If I may say so myself, it was at least a bit better than the one I made for Furuvik:

However,  I wanted to be visually more consistent when it comes to fonts. Consistency (or lack thereof) becomes especially apparent in my blog banners. And as Rasmus was so quick to find the Art Nouveau font Kolo LP, I asked him to suggest a sans serif font with Nordic or Germanic connotations. He had twelve suggestions, from which my daughter Sophia and I picked the font Avenir by Adrian Frutiger, a Swiss graphic designer born 1928 but still professionally active this century.

Rasmus wasn't fond of the red A in my logo. Furthermore, it wasn't compatible with the upcoming diversity of colours in my blog banners (Swedish, German, English etc.). Hence, Rasmus got the task to redesign the logotype, which now looks like this:

The "irritating detail" here is the too small capital K. Colour versions can be easily combined with several blog palettes. "Kaj" is light (above it's white, in colour it's often yellow), "arnö" is black, and the background somewhere in between. And, as graphic designers often insist, there is a large do-not-touch area around the text.

Perhaps logos don't belong to the necessities of life. But at least they are fairly environmentally friendly (at least in their electronic form) and the good ones are very compatible with my ninth New Year Resolution, Aesthetic values are appealing: Surround yourself with beauty, simplicity and order!
If you buy, then only if it’s functional, useful and beautiful.

Thanks, Rasmus!



  1. I like both logos and really like the "too small capital K." It adds personality, if you ask me.

  2. Thanks Frank! I'm glad you like them!