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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Russia serves kajsher food at Elki Palki

Ёлки Палки means "firs poles", if you believe Google Translate. In this case, I don't.

But Elki Palki is an excellent place for kajsher food. "Kajsher" refers to my self-imposed dietary guidelines, which involve low fat, no excess sweetness, and avoidance of red meat, all while maintaining good taste. Basically, what I consider to be healthy food. Fish and vegetables made without unnecessary fat (steamed, grilled) are excellent examples of kajsher food, sushi is another.

After this self-indulgent description of food I enjoy, let me say that Russia is a place which nowadays very much complies with my wishes. This is what I had at Elki Palki today, at Domodedovo Airport, before heading home to Munich: Salmon, more salmon still, boiled vegetables, raw carrots, dark bread, some kvass to drink.

Good visual appearance; the decoration may indeed be made of fir poles

The food is easy to pick without knowing Russian

Clean surroundings


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