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Monday, 1 December 2008

Moo-moo: Russian fast food

This blog post is dedicated to fellow Moscow visitor Zack Urlocker, with whom I strolled along the Arbat in Moscow, just when Zack had taken over MySQL Engineering in 2006. We quickly identified an outlet of the Russian fast-food chain Moo-moo. The black and white pattern is supposed to look like a cow. The Russian spelling "My-My" has nothing to do with MySQL.

Today, I passed another Moo-moo outlet, but resisted the temptation to enter.

I have shared some other experiences from this trip in Russian and in Swedish. In Swedish, I've described the very comfortable train ride from Helsinki to Moscow and the challenging local transport with the subway from the railway station to the hotel. In my own (and Google Translate's) version of Russian, I just managed to write about the train journey.

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