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Monday, 17 November 2008

Purging love padlocks in Riga increases Latvian divorce rate?

Before (22.9.2008)After (12.11.2008)

Less than two months after the MySQL Developer Meeting in Riga, I had the opportunity to visit Riga again. And to my horror, I discovered that the love padlocks I had admired last time were gone!

The idea of love padlocks, according to Giuseppe Maxia, started in Rome. They are described by Wikipedia as follows:
Love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a fence or similar public fixture to symbolise their love. [...] Similar customs exist in Riga, the capital of Latvia, where married couples clamp padlocks on the railings of a bridge and throw the key into the lake below.

Horror! The love padlocks had been cancelled, deleted, purged, removed! What will this mean for the divorce rate in Latvia?

I got further melancholic moments walking through Riga, all alone, without fellow MySQLers who made the prior visit so fun. Here are a few pictures that I took during a late mid-November afternoon in Riga:


  1. What a shame, I guess they had no option when they painted the bridge. There were several padlocks on the bridge covering the Daugava as well, some of them looked very old. Like this one, for example: http://www.lenzg.org/gallery/v/ConferencesEvents/MySQL-DevMeeting-Riga-2008-09/CityImpressions/img_1793.jpg.html

  2. totta.. rough times in all meanings! though marriage = waist of money and time