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Monday, 3 November 2008

The Jacaranda Connection: Westwards on the Southern Hemisphere

After a few days at home in Munich, I was fortunate enough to fly to the Southern Hemisphere again. This time, I'm in Argentina, planning to visit also Uruguay and Chile.

And there are commonalities with South Africa. Same season. Same hot weather. Even the same blossoming Jacaranda trees! The one on the picture is in Jardin Botánico in Buenos Aires.

Blue flowers on the sand, just as in Johannesburg.

But unlike Johannesburg, there was another tree with big (15-20 cm) "balls" hanging in it. I don't know the name or origin of this species.

Update: As Anabella tells me, the tree is called "palo borracho". I tried to translate it into English by Google. It said "Stick drunk".


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  2. Jacarandas... same in Brisbane!
    In fact the flowering of the Jacarandas are seen as the indication for the final exams for a year at university, as both happen at exactly the same time!

  3. Yes! The "direct" translation pay well.
    Palo Borracho it's a nonsense term in Argentina too, only 2 words forming another.
    In a simply way, drunk, its the irregular "fat" form of his tronco (trunk).

    Don't let BUE before go to Delta del Tigre! (40' by car from downtown)
    You really will love it!
    Get a cheap ticket to sail in the first and second delta section (18 pesos)