A Finland Swede in Bavaria

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Don't show this to my colleagues

I may have travelled a lot since joining Sun. I have even got to see places I haven't been to before, such as Izhevsk or Bangalore. But despite this year's over 200.000 km (the equivalent of more than five times around the globe), usually, I've been to places I've seen before, and I hadn't been to a single new country. Even working for MySQL, there was only one country I hadn't visited privately before going there for MySQL, and that was Serbia in 2001.

Not so this time! I'm in Argentina for the first time ever, and I'll later this week be in Uruguay and Chile for the first time ever.

This also meant I appended an extra day to the trip, so that I could do a day of tourism, wearing my Panama hat. It got to be half a day as I have meetings at Sun, and a University event at Universidad Nacional de la Matanza but nonetheless, I got some time off. And I celebrated it by taking some 8mm pictures!

Pictures: Top right: Yesterday's hard work, drinking Brahma. Left: Brahma is local beer.


  1. [...] Visiting Argentina has been a great opportunity to meet with the MySQL users and not-yet-users in a country with 30 degrees Celsius, with colourful houses in La Boca, with an omnipresent Diego Maradona, and only minor challenges in [...]

  2. FWIW, Brahma is actually a Brazilian beer which is now being produced and advertised in other countries.