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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Government Wants You To Use A Condom

I never thought I would blog about condoms. Then again, I also never thought I would pop into a condom dispenser in the toilet room of a customer (yes, a conservative one, in the finance industry -- not a social networking website for 20-year-olds).

But that's what I did today. See above (the package) and below (the dispenser on the wall at the right)! The above package says "Not for sale", has an expire date of 05/2012, and carries the brand "choice (TM)". My local informants tell me it's the South African government that hands them out for free. Evidently, they've understood that using them before catching HIV is better that eating garlic after getting AIDS.

That's an improvement from 2006, according to the South African newspaper Mail & Guardian online:
SA shows garlic and beetroot at Aids conference

Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang opened the South African Aids exhibition to a background of brightly coloured displays at the International Aids Conference in Toronto, Canada, on Sunday. The exhibition showcases garlic, lemon and beetroot.


The controversial display of garlic and lemon elicited a heated response from those attending the opening.

Mark Hayward, of the Aids Law Project and the Treatment Action Campaign, said South Africa has a duty to ensure people have the best advice about the best medicines.


South Africa has more people living with HIV/Aids than any other country, with about five million people out of a population of about 47-million currently living with the disease.

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