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Monday, 27 October 2008

Comune di Monte Casino

It's Italy outside Italy! It does resemble the "Venetian" in Las Vegas, only "Comune di Monte Casino" seemed a bit less overly commercial.

While it doesn't show on the above picture, they've created a "blue sky" picture as a ceiling, creating an impression of height authentic enough not to feel too artificial.

Even the don't-swim signs ...

... and the police cars ...

... look very Italian, considering this is right outside Johannesburg in South Africa.

Update: I blogged the same thing on my Italian blog. And in the comments, people told me "Casino" often refers to "brothel", something I could verify on Wikipedia. And that the Battle of Monte Cassino (or Montecassino in Italian) was a famous WW II battle near Rome. So they say Italian passers-by would get quite amused at the choice of name for Monte Casino.

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